The first and foremost school of
violin-making in the US should have a waiting list, not empty chairs.
The Violin Making School of America (VMSA) was the first of its kind in the United States, Since its creation, two other schools of violin making have opened in Chicago and Boston. Enrollment is consistently less than the school has room to accommodate, which means missing out of up to $140,000/yr of tuition and fees.
I was going to be a world-famous luthier, but then I fell asleep.
The current site was throwing out too much information, and in a way that was hard to browse and even harder to stay engaged with. The resulting long-winded style didn’t encourage potential enrollees to keep learning about the school and get excited about their potential.
Current site had different navigations on different pages, and users often scrolled to the footer to find usable navigation.


I gathered initial research after interviews with students, staff and researching competitors. I devised objectives to improve design and marketing focus of the site, and proposed how they could be achieved. Moved into design work creating personas, testing the current site, wireframing and testing prototypes of the new design. 
Also produced photography for the new site. Wrote, directed and edited a video piece for the school as well.

Created new photography and video for the school.
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